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IOLAVORO | Job offers and competitions near Cerreto d'Asti

Address: 14020 Cerreto d'Asti AT, Italia
Job offers and competitions are published on IOLAVORO (https://www.iolavoro.org/), the regional public platform of the Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro for mat...
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S.A.N Scuola di Agricoltura Naturale

Address: Piazza Ingegnere Pietro Mosso, 8, 14020 Cerreto d'Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 348 2280993
Email: info@san-italia.it
Agricultural vocational training center. See also... • Events in Cerreto d'Asti • Cerreto d'Asti tourist guide • Municipium, the App of your Municipal...
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