Cerreto d'Asti Town Hall

Address: Piazza Mosso, 1, 14020 Cerreto d'Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 996073
Fax: 0141 996073
Email: protocollo@comune.cerreto.asti.it
Email: protocollo.cerreto.dasti@cert.ruparpiemonte.it
Facebook: link


The toponym of the town derives from the Latin “cerrus” (cerro) with the addition of the collective suffix -etum to mean, in fact, the forest of oaks.

Much of the territory of Cerreto, in fact, is covered by woods of various kinds.

Walking through the luxuriant green in which the village is immersed we can encounter the long-lived Bagolaro, can live even 500 years and is nicknamed the hackberry for its roots that can penetrate the rocks, once used to build oars, rims and axles for the wagons.

Municipal palace

The municipal building, Palazzo Mosso, dating back to the 18th century, entirely restored in 1975, is the seat of the municipal offices and the post office.

The inner courtyard is often used for cultural and theatrical events.

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